Transformation is quite a neutral term.

Many things can happen in the “flames of change” during transformation.

Some questions we can ask are…

When I transformed…

…did I deform?

…did I reform?

…did I conform?

Some events and circumstances transform us while, sometimes, we can actively and consciously shape our own transformation…

These are the things we specifically target in my mentoring sessions…

Does transformation NEED to occur?

At what LEVEL do we need to transform?

Has an EVENT transformed us and is it for our benefit or to our detriment?

Many people like the imagery of a butterfly emerging as a symbol of transformation.

My wife ordered some caterpillars to teach my kids what their metamorphosis looks like… well we all learnt a thing or two!

I didn’t realise this… but when a caterpillar changes to a butterfly, inside its little chrysalis, it turns into a massive mush of liquid…. wow!😱

what does that liquid represent?

Research during my Coaching Diploma, helped me to understand the many aspects to transformation.

There are feelings towards the future but they may be of either excitement or fear.

There may also be feelings towards the past which include grief or even relief… so there’s a huge polarity there isn’t there!?

Commonly, its a mixture of ALL of them during this period of change!… thats quite a mush of emotions for minds to deal with.

Through my mentoring, I talk my mentees through the process of transformation using a framework that best suits them.

There are four stages of life which each have their own transition as well as significant changes many people go through. Examples include:

  1. Child to adult during adolescence

  2. Being single to married

  3. Parenthood

  4. Bereavement

  5. Retirement

  6. Insert here your own!

Poetry Time…

#inkstainsforyourbrain #transformation

A soup of emotion,
as something slips from our grasp
as we’re released from our past
We look up to the future
With two threads of emotion
One excitement and one fear
Tied into a knot and things become even more unclear


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