Is mentoring important?

Yes!… Yes it is important

Mentors help you understand you, your goals and ambitions.
Mentors help you remain focused, enthusiastic and driven.
Mentors can teach you things that take years to understand by experience.

“Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you will see further”

The power of a mentor

My father, who has teaching experience of over 30 years, knew the importance of having a mentor.
He thus ensured I had mentors from the age of 14, to give me a broad understanding of life.

My mentors ranged from millionaires with successful businesses that taught me financial literacy, to sports coaches that taught me team work and discipline and even practitioners of Yoga who had personally renounced all material possessions that taught me perspective.

They gave me so much... mind empowerment, work-life balance, communication, gratitude and much much more!

Thankfully, when I look back...

...I can see these core principles at work in all my successes and even my mind frame during my failures.

I believe that it’s so important during the teenage years, when maturity starts to blossom, for a mentor to instil a set of core values that echo into the future to help in all aspects of life.

I have mentored many individuals to success since 2004, if you feel you have some potential that needs unleashing, then get in touch.

Kind Words

Dr Jesal Pankhania - Monica testimonial

“  I met Jesal about six years ago and since then I've been looking up to him as my mentor.
I can honestly say that he has been one of the moral compasses for my adult life.
He's taught me so many things - most of them just by example - from how to manage my time better to just generally being a better human being.
I also look forward to his blog posts every week - “
Ink Stains For Your Brain”… they ground me and remind me to reconnect with my soul.
The type of inspiration that the world needs more of.  “

- Monica

Mentoring Credentials:

  • Completed Personal Development Plan under a mentor of the International Business Systems UK from the Age of 16-18.

  • Mentored by Property Experts and Started Property Portfolio at age 23

  • Coached by the Robert Kiyosaki’s RichDad school in Real Estate and Trading

  • Appointed as one of the Youngest Vocational Dental Trainers in 2009 by the West Midlands Deanery to mentor Dentists who have just left University.

  • Ongoing mentor for West Midlands Deanery for Dentists in Advanced Dentistry or creating a Portfolio to work in the United Kingdom

  • Guest Speaker annually on Personal Development, Yoga, Philosophy and Career Choice and Progression since 2005 at Coventry, Warwick, Aston, Birmingham, Leicester and DeMontfort Universities and Local schools in Coventry.

  • Winner of Best Young Dentist 2014 at Dentistry Awards UK

  • Happy for you to also be in contact with my previous mentors with a similar profile if appropriate.