I like seeing transformation

Whether it’s a shy person getting the courage to speak confidently, a rotten tooth restored to
it’s former glory, giving back a person’s beaming smile or a plain brick wall brightened by some vibrant artwork…

…I like to see transformation.

…so I’ve got three dedicated pages for you to browse through on my…

MENTORING,DentistrY & Philosophy



Create and Achieve


How to keep your teeth

Philosophy: Blog

“Ink Stains for your Brain”


Kind Words

Dr Jesal Pankhania - Monica testimonial

“  I met Jesal about six years ago and since then I've been looking up to him as my mentor.
I can honestly say that he has been one of the moral compasses for my adult life.
He's taught me so many things - most of them just by example - from how to manage my time better to just generally being a better human being.
I also look forward to his blog posts every week - “
Ink Stains For Your Brain”… they ground me and remind me to reconnect with my soul.
The type of inspiration that the world needs more of.  “

- Monica

Dr Jesal Pankhania - Romina Gegau, Owner: Ocean Dental, Manchester

“  Dr Pankhania helped me greatly when I first moved to the United Kingdom to practice Dentistry.  He helped me to complete my personal development portfolio and understand the NHS system.
Jesal was nice and friendly, he helped me to understand better the duties and responsibilities for a dentist working with NHS system and also guided me to write my ideas and compete my professional development plan. It was an honour and a pleasure to have a mentor like Jesal.
After this great foundation for my career in the UK I have now successfully completed a Masters degree in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry and purchased a Private Dental Practice in Manchester. “

- Romina Gegau, Owner: Ocean Dental, Manchester

Dr Jesal Pankhania - Ravinol Chambers, Director of Be Inspired Films

“  Ink Stains for my brain is a rare combination of personal insight, ancient wisdom and irreverent curiosity all packaged in a fresh contemporary flavoured wrapper. I love reading it every week, it's always thoughtful and gets me thinking and reflecting. “
- Ravinol Chambers, Director of Be Inspired Films


I dedicate this website to the mentors that I have been blessed to have in all aspects of my life academically, materially and spiritually.

My mentors have helped provide me with skills and tools to harvest really rare beautiful gems from this deep ocean of life.
I am pleased to now offer these to you.


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